Exhibition Day Info

Hi! If you are from SDA, then you are in the right place. We are going to have a stand at the bell tower the whole day selling discounted baked goods. We will also be donating a percentage of our profits to Everytown Gun Safety to share support after this devastating week. You can do your part by educating yourself and ordering and adding the Everytown donation item to your order.


If you are here before the big day, there are two options for you to get your share.

1. Place a pickup order now and skip the line tomorrow! Here is our online menu!

Or 2. Find us at the bell tower tomorrow! Check out the menu above to see what you want to order!


If you are here because you have seen us already, thanks for your support! You can order even more and can have it delivered to you at school or right to your house. You can use code EXHIBITION22 for 20% off :)

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